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Super Mario 25 years old

September 14, 2010

Mario is now 25 years old. He does look pretty old for his age. Well if he looks the same after another 25 years he’ll be laughing at us..

check out this funny video below:

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Good Old School Gaming Days

April 22, 2010

Don’t you also often wonder why you had more fun gaming on your console back in the days?
Good old Diddy Kong Racing & Mario Kart, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and so on and on..

What made you enjoy those games so much?
No online multiplayer but split screen multiplayer? The simple but fun game mechanics? Aimed to a smaller but more specific(Read Hardcore)audience? Less games to choose from so you are forced to play a game longer meaning you get better at it?

I think it’s not one of these things specifically, but if you combine them together including a lot of stuff I didn’t even mention above, it can make the difference.
This is one of the reasons I really like the development of the XBLA and PSN games. Giving you not only old school games back, but also the development of completely new smaller and more simple games like back in the days.
What made me think about this was the trailer for Modnation Racers on PSN:

A simple Kart Racer where you can shoot eachother… What more do you need?

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