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E3: Best of E3 Awards

June 25, 2011

Bossfight Gaming Blog - E3 2011

Check out The Best of E3 Awards on Best of E3


Tiny Wings

March 28, 2011

Bossfight Gaming Blog - Tiny Wings
This weekend an update for one of my favorite Iphone games released; Tiny Wings. So I grabbed the chance to talk about this great game.

This weekend Tiny Wings got an update including Game Center support and a new nest! This game is a perfect example of how a simple game meganic and creative thinking come together.
And what is even more impressive is that this game is the work of only one person! The Idea, graphics, Programming, Marketing and everything else I forgot.

The Art Style is good, but simple, you’ll fall in love with the little bird right away. Also the gameplay is very good but simple, you only need one finger on or of the screen to play the game.
You’ll play the same levels over and over again but every time there are different objectives which challenge you to play the game in a different way.

You’ll be entertained with this game for days, it’s so good, but simple enjoy!

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