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Rumor: Nintendo courting Rockstar for Wii 2 development

April 19, 2011

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The “Wii 2” rumors are raging again, for sure, but now they’re in danger of burning out of control — so let’s backtrack. After delivering some spot-on NGP specs days before Sony’s official unveiling ceremony, French tech site 01net earned its web cred. That’s why the games media took notice (and some even corroborated) when the wonder site reignited the Wii successor rumors last Thursday, and then tossed in some more fuel the following day.

This week, 01net has come out with another intriguing report about Nintendo’s supposed next console: Rockstar’s on board. The site’s sources claim that the Grand Theft Auto creator is the first confirmed company to secure a developer unit of the new Nintendo hardware. The sources add that the system, said to be codenamed “Project Cafe,” is expected to be released in June 2012. And here’s where the rumor starts to grow more wild.

Gamekyo somewhat carelessly throws out there that Grand Theft Auto 5 is also rumored for 2012 — is it? (There’s at least been some recent evidence that the next GTA is in the works.) And then, GoNintendo fits it all together: “Rockstar has a dev kit […] working on GTA V (which is sure to hit PS3/360 as well) […] hoping to have it available at launch.” Eureka? Not quite.

But, boy, if Nintendo is on the verge of announcing the one console to rule them all and has a Rockstar logo to flaunt during the presentation? Talk about printing money …



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