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And this year’s E3 Winner is?

June 24, 2010

Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo who is the big winner?
They all had spectacular shows that’s for sure.

+ 360 Slim very sexy
+ Halo Reach
+ Gears of War 3
– Kinect controller-less waggling
– No Hardcore Kinect Games
– No new anouncements

+ Little Big Planet 2
+ A lot of Exclusive content announced
+ Kevin Buttler
– Wii HD waggling
– No New announcements except for Portal 2
– Playstation Plus
– 3D Gaming: glasses irritate and 3D TVs are still too expensive

Sony's Kevin Buttler

+ Donkey Kong Country Returns
+ Goldeneye Remake
+ Zelda Skyward Sword
+ Kirby Epic Yarn
+ Metroid: Other M
+ Epic Mickey
+ Kid Ikarus
+ 3D without glasses 3DS
– No Wii HD
– Wii Motion Plus not responding well


While Microsoft and Sony where busy slapping each other in the face with their motion controls and pimping with their exclusive titles, Nintendo just kept it real by going back to their core classics and bringing them back stronger than ever.
Also suprising everyone with a technological breakthrough by introducing a handheld that displays 3D without wearing any glasses. Even introducing a line up of games and movies backing it up! It’s is even able to take 3D pictures!

E3 is all about surprising the audience. Did Microsoft do that? No. Did Sony do that? No. Did Nintendo do that? Absolutely..

I believe this is the year Nintendo will get their hardcore audience back. By means of old school hardcore games.
Without a doubt they are the big surprise of this years E3.
(They even made me buy a Wii!)


PC Gaming VS Console Gaming

May 24, 2010

I remember when the next-gen consoles just released and High-end PC’s could barely hold up against them and clearly had a dip.Though PC Hardware develops very fast, consoles don’t.


And that is something that you can see very clearly now. If you compare a game like Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Dragon Age Origins between the PS3, Xbox and PC you clearly see the PC version standing out by far.
And this console generation is not going to be replaced anytime soon with Playstation Move and Natal coming up.
So are move controls going to make the difference between PC and consoles? I think we will see a trend of more developers including PC games in multiplatform releases again. Only thing that would hold back developers is the chance of Piracy. But nowadays to enjoy multiplayer and even some single player games on the PC you are forced to buy to original version due security.

Playstation Move

It’s clear the PC is making his comeback into the gaming world. Let’s wait what the answer from the consoles will be.
What could be a good idea is to make consoles with replaceable graphic cards too make the console upgradeable. Who knows?

Ati Toxic

Remember you heard it here first;)

The Boss Fight Gaming Blog

April 20, 2010

Welcome the boss fight gaming blog. You will find blogs with high production value here.

Currently under constuction please stay tuned.

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