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Rumor: Nintendo courting Rockstar for Wii 2 development

April 19, 2011

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The “Wii 2” rumors are raging again, for sure, but now they’re in danger of burning out of control — so let’s backtrack. After delivering some spot-on NGP specs days before Sony’s official unveiling ceremony, French tech site 01net earned its web cred. That’s why the games media took notice (and some even corroborated) when the wonder site reignited the Wii successor rumors last Thursday, and then tossed in some more fuel the following day.

This week, 01net has come out with another intriguing report about Nintendo’s supposed next console: Rockstar’s on board. The site’s sources claim that the Grand Theft Auto creator is the first confirmed company to secure a developer unit of the new Nintendo hardware. The sources add that the system, said to be codenamed “Project Cafe,” is expected to be released in June 2012. And here’s where the rumor starts to grow more wild.

Gamekyo somewhat carelessly throws out there that Grand Theft Auto 5 is also rumored for 2012 — is it? (There’s at least been some recent evidence that the next GTA is in the works.) And then, GoNintendo fits it all together: “Rockstar has a dev kit […] working on GTA V (which is sure to hit PS3/360 as well) […] hoping to have it available at launch.” Eureka? Not quite.

But, boy, if Nintendo is on the verge of announcing the one console to rule them all and has a Rockstar logo to flaunt during the presentation? Talk about printing money …



Sources: The Wii 2 Exists, and We’ll See It at E3 in June

April 15, 2011

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From Wii price cuts to console successors, here we go with silly season rumors again: In this corner, the Nintendo Wii 2, or Wii successor, or Nintendo’s Next Big Thing. GameStop-owned Game Informer magazine claims that it’s heard from “multiple sources” that Nintendo’s planning to unveil whatever’s next at E3 in June, “if not sooner.”

Sadly the most important thing to Game Informer seems to be the system’s reported ability to run games at high-definition resolutions–sort of like pointing out that a contemporary computer comes with a mouse (or, you know, USB ports). There’s also some mumbling about whether the system can go rounds pixel-for-pixel with the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (because we need more system war flame bait).

Word is Nintendo’s already chatting up publishers, showing around the system to drum up interest. Launch timeframe? Not until 2012. Which, much as we’d all love a new Nintendo system in time for the holidays this year, makes sense if you want to give developers and publishers time to put together a solid stable of launch titles.

“Nintendo is doing this one right,”

Said one of Game Informer’s anonymous sources. “[It’s] not a gimmick like the Wii.”

Right, because the Wii was just a gimmick. A system that utterly destroyed the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in unit sales internationally. A system that’s still outselling both of those systems more months than not.

In any event, now we wait, and speculate, and dissect rumors, and dish. Just remember: What will be, will be, and all we can hope for at this point is that whatever’s next, Nintendo makes it as unusual and industry-upending as their last two ideas.

Game Informer
PC World

PAX East Updates

March 13, 2011

PAX East Updates coming soon stay tuned!

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Super Mario 25 years old

September 14, 2010

Mario is now 25 years old. He does look pretty old for his age. Well if he looks the same after another 25 years he’ll be laughing at us..

check out this funny video below:

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Gamescom Aftermath

August 25, 2010

So we visited Gamescom in Germany last weekend and had a blast there. Here are my impressions of the event.


Game of the show! This game blew me away. The demo was played on a Xbox360 and it was by far the best looking console game I have ever seen. Texture detail, animation, particle effects and the draw distance were all spot on. I didn’t see any framerate drops and no texture pop-in. Technically this game was amazing and running on a 360! The gameplay looked solid, as we can expect from id, and the creepy atmosphere in some sections made it real intense. The only downer was the car combat section. The vehicle animation looked really stiff. With the game not coming out until September 2011 there is no doubt in my mind that they will improve this. This looks like it’s going to be id’s best game since Quake 3. Can’t wait to get my hands on it at next year’s Gamescom.

A lot of playable titles.
Rage wasn’t playable at Gamescom 😦 Neither were Portal 2 and a few other titles we saw. Thankfully we were able to experience most games with a controller in our hands. Fallout: New Vegas, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Infamous 2, TERA, Dragon Age 2, God of war: Ghost of Sparta, Super Scribblenauts, Hunted, Civilization V and The Fight just to name a few. And there were a ton of other playable games present that we didn’t get to play, because of time constraints or ridiculous lines. Think of titles like Zelda, Diablo, Assasin’s Creed, Halo and all the Kinect games.

Valve Software
On my first day of Gamescom Valve was handing out vouchers with codes at their booth. The next day I received another voucher during the Portal 2 presentation. Turned out the vouchers were for free copies of Left 4 dead 2 and Half life 2. This is a really good way to promote their older games. Valve itself is held up in high regard by the fans and things like this really add to their reputation.


No Shows
Where the hell was the 3DS? For some reason Nintendo had a ton of regulars DS’s there, but there was no sign of a 3DS anywhere. On the software side Gears of war 3 was missing. Halo and Fable were there to represent the hardcore Microsoft exclusives, but I really wanted to get my hands on Beast mode.

Playstation Move
I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting this. It was basically a confirmation that the responsiveness of the Move doesn’t come close to that of a DualShock controller. The Fight didn’t seem to register most of my punches and had me all tired and sweaty by the end of the match. Time Crisis also had some problems with my cross-hair vanishing from the screen at times. Even tough the environment wasn’t as controlled as Microsoft’s Kinect platic bubble, it was still having way too many problems in my opinion.

I don’t think there’s going to be a 3D TV in my house anytime soon. My eyes were tired and in pain during most 3D presentations. Most of the times it was because there was too much going on. During a Metro 2033 presentation there were monsters everywhere on the screen. My eyes couldn’t pick something to focus on and the constant readjustment was hurting. Nvidia also showed Mafia 2, which was fine until the  driving section came on. There was something off about the color of the car. My brain started melting as soon as it was shown and I could hear that I wasn’t the only one having the same issue.

3D isn’t all bad tough when it’s subtle. I thought Gran Turismo 5 and Just Cause 2 looked really good. The 3D effect was nice and there were no focus issues or pain. Awadizzler played some Killzone 3 in 3D and thought it looked great.


Blizzard booths
I’m a huge Blizzard fan and I love their games. Diablo 3 is one of the games I had to see at Gamescom. As soon as we entered the hall where Blizzard had their booths we were stopped by a wall of fans blocking the way. My jaw dropped when I saw the sign that said “3 hours” indicating the time you’d have to wait in line. We decided to try again the next day. The next day the line was 4-5 hours long and we decided to give up on trying to see a Blizzard product.

While standing in line I saw someone in front of me playing Crysis 2 on the PC and it looked really good as expected from Crytek. Crytek has been hyping the console version for the last few months tough. Claiming it looks almost identical to the PC version. When I finally got the chance to play the game I picked up a 360 controller and was unpleasantly surprised by what I saw on the screen. The textures looked awful. It’s not an understatement to say that it looked like a launch title of the current generation. Nice little details that I saw on the PC version were completely missing, the textures were all blurry and there were numerous framerate drops. After seeing Rage on a 360, Crytek really dropped the ball on this one.

Generic WoW-clones
On at least 3 different occasions I asked Awadizzler why the hell there were so many people playing World of Warcraft at the MMO hall and each time it turned out that it wasn’t WoW at all. The amount of shameless WoW-clones present was insane. The art-style, the menu’s, the fonts and even the loading screens were exact copies. Originality was really hard to find…

IGN Video: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword IGN Rewind Theater: E3 2010 Trailer

July 2, 2010

Check out the E3 zelda trailer in detail in the IGN Rewind theater:

IGN Video: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Nintendo Wii Series – IGN Rewind Theater: E3 2010 Trailer.

And this year’s E3 Winner is?

June 24, 2010

Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo who is the big winner?
They all had spectacular shows that’s for sure.

+ 360 Slim very sexy
+ Halo Reach
+ Gears of War 3
– Kinect controller-less waggling
– No Hardcore Kinect Games
– No new anouncements

+ Little Big Planet 2
+ A lot of Exclusive content announced
+ Kevin Buttler
– Wii HD waggling
– No New announcements except for Portal 2
– Playstation Plus
– 3D Gaming: glasses irritate and 3D TVs are still too expensive

Sony's Kevin Buttler

+ Donkey Kong Country Returns
+ Goldeneye Remake
+ Zelda Skyward Sword
+ Kirby Epic Yarn
+ Metroid: Other M
+ Epic Mickey
+ Kid Ikarus
+ 3D without glasses 3DS
– No Wii HD
– Wii Motion Plus not responding well


While Microsoft and Sony where busy slapping each other in the face with their motion controls and pimping with their exclusive titles, Nintendo just kept it real by going back to their core classics and bringing them back stronger than ever.
Also suprising everyone with a technological breakthrough by introducing a handheld that displays 3D without wearing any glasses. Even introducing a line up of games and movies backing it up! It’s is even able to take 3D pictures!

E3 is all about surprising the audience. Did Microsoft do that? No. Did Sony do that? No. Did Nintendo do that? Absolutely..

I believe this is the year Nintendo will get their hardcore audience back. By means of old school hardcore games.
Without a doubt they are the big surprise of this years E3.
(They even made me buy a Wii!)

My thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

June 15, 2010

Wow that Zelda demo was a bad way to start the conference. The Wii motion plus wasn’t reacting accurately at all. A lot of the times Miyamoto swung his swords and Link didn’t react at all. Other times Link would swing his sword in a completely different way. They tried to blame it on the wireless signals and it’s probably an Alpha build, but starting of your conference by showing of a AAA Wii title with controls that don’t come close to 1:1 really puts a damper on the rest.

The Golden Eye announcement made up a lot. The nostalgia has me all riled up, but something in me wonders if a game like that will hold up these days. And Daniel Craig is in it!

Nintendo definitely brought their A-game showing off 1st party titles. Mario with multiple sports games, Zelda is back, Kirby with a great new art-style, Metroid done Team Ninja style, Donkey Kong with (what looks like) co-op play and Kid Icarus in 3D. This was truly a fanboy’s wet dream. I know I blew my load….

I’m not a handheld gamer, but that 3DS intriged me and I really want to experience it 1st hand. The always on Wifi was expected with Apple taking a big part of the handheld gaming market. The 3D picturetaking was a real nice surprise just as the Metal Gear announcement.

This really was a great show. They made up for the last 2 years with a really great conference showing the true gamers that they haven’t forgotten about us.

Duck Hunt Behind the Scenes

May 31, 2010

Some funny stuff for ya:

PC Gaming VS Console Gaming

May 24, 2010

I remember when the next-gen consoles just released and High-end PC’s could barely hold up against them and clearly had a dip.Though PC Hardware develops very fast, consoles don’t.


And that is something that you can see very clearly now. If you compare a game like Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Dragon Age Origins between the PS3, Xbox and PC you clearly see the PC version standing out by far.
And this console generation is not going to be replaced anytime soon with Playstation Move and Natal coming up.
So are move controls going to make the difference between PC and consoles? I think we will see a trend of more developers including PC games in multiplatform releases again. Only thing that would hold back developers is the chance of Piracy. But nowadays to enjoy multiplayer and even some single player games on the PC you are forced to buy to original version due security.

Playstation Move

It’s clear the PC is making his comeback into the gaming world. Let’s wait what the answer from the consoles will be.
What could be a good idea is to make consoles with replaceable graphic cards too make the console upgradeable. Who knows?

Ati Toxic

Remember you heard it here first;)

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